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From Black Friday to super Saturday - The contestants singing YOUR song choices

Forget Black Friday, it's time for super Saturday as just five acts remain in the X Factor. The tension and excitement is building and tonight the singers face two, yes two, songs.

Last week, (thankfully) Stevi Richie left the show. It's now time for the real stars to shine. No offence mate. Dermot has arrived, the judges are in place, it's time to face the... Jukebox.

First up, it's Team Midas' Ben Haenow with a song chosen for him by Team Midas' One Direction. I wondered what happened to them ;). If a ever a song was perfect for Ben, then 'Come Together' would be it. He oozed star quality, vocally bang on, great stage presence. Great start 10/10. Louis said, "You are getting better week after week." Simon said, "the song was spot on, the performance was great."

After a week of feeling very poorly, Lauren Platt is lucky to be even singing. The strain of the week really showed, it was her worst vocal of the series to date. Mel B said, "I could feel you weren't into it" Simon said, "I could tell you were straining vocally."

Stereo Kicks have comeback more times than Rocky. If they have another good week, from nowhere they could get to the final. As ever, James was amazing, the rest, well....Mel B said, "The vocals were not as good as they should be." Simon said, "you are very lucky you have a killer (second) song."

Hot favourite, Fleur East, has been consistently amazing since the first live show and I really like her BUT tonight she didn't wow me like she normally does. Should still be good enough to get her through though. Louis said, "You have to be in the Final." Cheryl said, "It wasn't my favourite."

Bottom two survivor Andrea Faustini needs a good week. Look vocally Andrea is one of the best in the competition but I was totally distracted by all the chandeliers. That aside, it was amazing. Louis said, "The perfect song." Simon said,"I think you pushed the song too much at the end." Time for round two....

Sadly for Lauren her illness has really affected her voice this week and in fairness she did the best she probably have could in the situation. Mel B said, "that song fitted you perfectly." Simon said, "I think that song may have you saved you." After an amazing first song, Team Midas' Ben Haenow took on Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud', again a perfect song choice. Seriously, Ben now looks like a professional act coming onto the show to showcase his new single. World class. A perfect week Mr Haenow. Louis said, "you are the one to beat." Simon said, "people do need to vote for you." Taking on 'Run', Stereo Kicks came out fighting and they whacked it out of the ball park. I think that performance has just booked them a place in the semi final. Great vocals. Emotional stuff. Mel B said, "you did everything perfect." Simon said, "I really, really hope people are going to vote for you tonight."

Fleur East needed a good second song and boy did she deliver. Absolutely brilliant. I loved it. She looks and sounds every inch a pop star. Mel B said, "I could hear you straining." Cheryl said. "I think we would really miss you if you didn't make the Final." Last up was Andrea Faustini and he really put the cat amongst the pigeons with a faultless version of 'Hero'. I think he is more than safe after that. A great end to a great night. Louis said, "you have made the competition very tough." Mel B said, "you are the most amazing person inside and out." Another act leaves on Sunday night. People of the UK it's over to you. Right, I'm off help take down those chandeliers...see you next week.


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