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Fright Night on The X Factor - Who Sent Shivers Down Your Spine?

This week, let's hope there are more treats than tricks as our remaining 11 acts face their fears....So, 'witch' act will be a 'shining' star and who could be getting swallowed in the 'jaws' of defeat?

Last weekend we lost Jake Quickeden as Only The Young lived to fight another day.

It's time to face the monsters, I mean the's fright night on the aXe Factor and for someone that journey ends tonight. So after Fearmot O'Leary introduced the judges, we sat down ready to have a fang-tastic time.

Team Midas' Ben Haenow kicked us off with rock classic 'Highway To Hell'. Now that's how to kick off a show. Blooming brilliant. This was like watching an established act perform as a guest, not a contestant. 10/10 Ben. Standing ovation from the judges. Wow. Louis said he is, "the real deal." Simon said, "outstanding vocal."

Another Team Midas act Lola Saunders followed and after some negative comments last week, she came out fighting and put everything into it, I mean everything. She couldn't have done anymore. I am a very proud man tonight Ms Saunders. Well done. Hell B said, "this is the Lola I want to see." Simon said, "by a mile your best performance."

Can Fleur give us a thrilling performance of an MJ Halloween classic? Well, being honest. No. It was vocally off and I believe the non singing, choreography segment could have saved her tonight. Mel B said her vocal was, "compromised." Cheryl said, "you did a good job."

Jack needs a big week as I fear he is a dead man walking, excuse the fright night pun. Taking on any Leona Lewis track is a big ask and I'm afraid Jack is in big trouble after that performance. Louis said, "you are a small room performer." Cheryl said, "you didn't seem comfortable."

Ex Navy man Jay James took on 'Mad World' and like last week, I'm on the fence. When Jay is good he is amazing, when it doesn't work it's uncomfortable. On this occasion, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Mel B said, "she liked it a lot." Cheryl said, "you are better than the song."

What the hell have they done to Andrea, I know it's Halloween but come on. They painted him Gold!!!. Anyway as ever it was vocal perfection from the red hot favourite. Week after week he is brilliant, but the costume. Well." Louis said he is a, "golden Gary Barlow." That just about summed it up.

For the first time Lauren Platt took on some choreography and her VT showed her looking nervous and upset. It was a brave song choice (Dark Horse) and it really worked. Her strong voice was stretched to the limit and she nailed it. I really like Lauren. Mel B said she, "owned it."

Paul Akister's showed VT of a man who really wasn't happy with his song choice (Bat out of Hell). Why Paul? You smashed it mate. Like I said last week, he is one of the best singers left in the competition. I loved it. Cheryl said,"you can take on any song, any genre." Simon said, "you need to lighten up."

Last up for Team Midas were sing off survivors Only The Young with the 'Monster Mash'. This was fun, it was energetic and vocally, it was perfection, Team Midas or not I didn't want this to end. Simon said, "congratulations." and "the competition would be boring without you." Well done fab four.

Last week Stereo Kicks finally introduced themselves with a breathtaking performance. This weekend was well choreographed and mostly vocally good. I'm still struggling with there being eight of them, at times, but I'm growing to like them. A lot. Mel B said, "I just love that song. You killed it boys."

After a quick visit to the Harvester, Stevi Richie ended the show, in, well real Stevi fashion. You know, crazy, fun, unmissable but pants vocally. The crowd shouted his name and Louis said, "Andrew Lloyd Webber will be looking for your number." Simon said, "Stevi Richie you are my hero."

That's it, who you gonna call...for. People of Great Britain, It's over to you.

The act with with the lowest votes and going home is...Jack Walton. In 24 hours time, someone else will leave the show.

Before I go, huge congratulations to the whole X Factor team, tonight's show was brilliant, fun and the theme was 'executed' perfectly.

Right, I'm off to do the Monster Mash...see you next week.

Review by Dean Maynard - Midas Talent PR

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