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First Pictures From X Factor 2016 Boot Camp

Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger

Simon Cowell with Nicole Scherzinger - Pic credit Nicole Scherzinger

X Factor boot camp has kicked off in style this week from Alexandra Palace in North London.

Several photos have emerged of the judges and contestants leaving the venue after filming, often late into the night.

Alexandra Palace - Pic credit Mark Sideway Twitter

Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne are still the best of pals.

Simon Cowell leaving the venue in his Rolls Royce

Could one of these contestants be the winner?

Sharon Osbourne looking thoughtful as she leaves the venue.

More pics of the judges and contestants in the gallery below

This weekend the 6 Chair Challenge will take place at Wembley Arena in front of an audience. This will be the first time this year an audience have been involved.

We will also find out which categories the judges have this year.

It's all starting to feel very exciting.


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