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Find Out A Little More About Your Final 12 X Factor Contestants

Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne have chosen their final 12 contestants in a controversial rollercoaster ride at the judges' houses.

Whether we agree with their decisions or not we should accept and embrace our final 12 through to the live X Factor shows.

Let's find out a little more about your final 12. Who knew three had a 'weird crush' on Simon Cowell!

First up Simon Cowell's GIRLS: Emily Middlemas, Gifty Louise and Sam Lavery.

Emily Middlemas

Gifty Louise

Peanut butter and rice TOGETHER?!

Sam Lavery

Why two £5 pound notes and not a £10?

Next Louis Walsh GROUPS with NEW names 5 After Midnight, Brooks Way and Bratavio

5 After Midnight

Three butch boys scared of Spiders!

Brooks Way

Ok, we get the fear of rats!


We knew Bratavio were weird but a fear of baked beans!

Next Nicole Scherzinger's BOYS: Ryan Lawrie, Freddy Parker and Matt Terry

Ryan Lawrie

If you though baked beans were weird, how about raisins?

Freddy Parker

A weird crush on SHARON OSBOURNE!!

Matt Terry

Don't think you need worry about losing your hair for some time Matt

Sharon Osbournes OVERS: Honey G, Relley C and Saara Aalto

Honey G

Who would have guessed Honey G was a hopeless romantic?

Relley C

Will we get to see Relley's birthmark?

Saara Aalto

Poor hammy!

That's it, we meet all twelve and the judges LIVE on Saturday night at 8pm


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