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Elton John Vs Whitney Houston - A Strange Combination or Not....

In the words of Len Goodman just SEVEN acts remain, after Jay James left the competition last week. So is your favourite still in the running for the X Factor crown?

This weeks bizarre theme is Whitney Houston vs Elton John. So will they have their 'One Moment in Time' or be blown out like a 'Candle in the Wind'....time will tell.

Dermot has arrived, the judges are in place, it's time to get serious as one act will leave again tonight.

Up first was Essex starlet Lauren Platt. The vocal, as ever, was bang on, but at this stage, I need to see more of her personality. Granted there was a bit of choreography but, as the numbers dwindle, Lauren needs to stand out more. Nice touch having her brother on. Louis said, "you've got star quality." Simon said, "your best performance in weeks."

Team Midas' Ben Haenow took on one of the worlds' most famous female tracks, (I Will Always Love You) and performed it his way. I thought he did an amazing job and totally (as usual) nailed it. Mel B said, "You didn't give me enough light and shade." Simon said, "you did your version of it." Sorry Mel, but I totally disagree.

Only the Young have come up on the rails for Team Midas since Halloween and gained some serious momentum and a huge fanbase. Tonight, it was more serious but they once again proved they can all sing and most importantly do it with a smile on their faces. This show would be very boring without them. Cheryl said, "you have found your niche." Louis said, "there is a massive gap in the market for a group like this."

This was the perfect theme for the bookies favourite Andrea Faustini and he predictably smashed it out of the ball park. If Andrea doesn't make the final, there is something wrong. Another great week for the Italian. Louis said, "That's how you do a Whitney song." Mel said, "I am so honoured to be working with you every week."

We never really saw much of Fleur East until judges houses and ever since that day, she has got better and better and better. This was a strong and memorable performance. As each week goes on, Fleur is starting to look like the one to beat. The judges gave her a standing ovation. Cheryl said, "we need you in that final." Simon said, "I wanna see you in the final." I can feel a theme in the judges comments.

The unfunny joke act Stevi Richie was dressed like an Egyptian. Yes really. Vocally poor. Next.

Look I like Stereo Kicks, but to make a point of telling us their names in late November is worrying. James is the clear stand out vocalist and could have won this on his own. Names aside I do believe this was their best performance of the series. After that, they totally deserve to stay tonight. Mel said, "You deserve a standing ovation, that you just got right now." Simon said, "you just did it."

We now wait for the result of the flash vote.

The act bottom of the public vote is...Only The Young.

Team Midas' OTY will be a huge miss to the show but they are on the tour and I am positive that big things await them.

Another act leaves on Sunday night. People of the UK it's over to you.

Right, I'm off to clear Mel B's ears out...see you next week.

Review by Dean Maynard - Midas Talent PR


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