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Divas, Drama And Mayhem! All The Goss From Our Visit To The X Factor Six Chair Challenge.

Having returned from two days of X Factor Six Chair Challenge we can report it was INTENSE!

If you need a reminder - Simon will mentor the Overs, Cheryl the Groups, Rita the Girls and Nick the Boys.

At the Six Chair Challenge each judge is presented with sixteen acts from their category. They have to bring this number down to the six who will perform at their judges houses.

First up was Rita Ora with her girls. The girls are GOOD, very good. Rita had the hardest decisions to make from all the judges. Ten of the girls were worthy of a seat on the chairs. Rita was under immense pressure in choosing her six girls to go through to her judges house.

Eventually, and we mean eventually, Rita chose her final six. You will not be disappointed in Rita’s selection, we felt she was spot on with her decision.

Second up was Simon Cowell with the Overs. The overs we felt were a mixed bag, Simon was brutal with those who didn’t make the most of the opportunity by upping their game. We are pleased to report Mr Nasty is BACK!

It was like watching musical chairs as contestants were swapped, dismissed, brought back due to audience participation in telling Simon he had made a mistake.

At the end of the session everyone was exhausted. Simon finished his session with an interesting final six contestants.

Next up was Nick Grimshaw with the Boys. It didn’t start well! Did nerves get to them? Wrong song choices? Most wouldn’t have made it past the audition stage with the performances they gave.

Halfway through and Nick only had two on his chairs. Looking desperate, he told the audience things would get better.

Eventually Nick found six to fill his chairs. How many he can keep to the later stages of the live shows remains to be seen.

Lastly it was the turn of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and the Groups. Again, an interesting mix, we feel Cheryl’s choices will surprise you, most are very different to what we are used to but excellent choices.

We witnessed some diva strops, audience mayhem and lots of tears.

One contestant was incredibly rude and shouted at Simon he wasn't given enough time. Simon was livid, telling him: "Don't tell me how long you should have on this show. "Why don't you shut it?

The contestant (who we can't name) continued his rant being disrespectful to the show, where Simon demanded that he apologised to the producers who spent hours editing the show.

The audience got behind Simon booing him off the stage.

The contestant wasn't interested, refusing to apologise as he stropped off the stage, launching his microphone at the floor.

We can't tell you who made the judges houses yet, so make sure you don’t miss the six chair challenge when it airs. It was brutal, argumentative and very emotional.

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