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CONFIRMED: Mason Noise WILL Replace Tom Bleasby At The Judges Houses

Simon Cowell branded Mason Noise “a complete a***hole” and ordered him to leave after he complained that he was not getting enough air-time.

Following Tom Bleasby quitting the show it has now been confirmed Mason being brought back for Nick's Judges house.

The X Factor have issued the following statement:

Following Tom Bleasby's decision to withdraw from The X Factor, we can confirm that Mason Noise has been invited to take the remaining sixth place at Nick's Judges Houses.

Speaking of his decision to invite Mason back, Grimmy said: "After Tom decided to leave the show, Mason was the person I wanted to bring back.

"Yes he was difficult at the Six Chair Challenge, but people with an artistic temperament can be difficult. He's talented and in previous auditions excited us Judges. Sometimes a challenge is interesting."

Mason added: "I appreciate Nick inviting me back on the show. And even more so, I appreciate the fact he understands what I am trying to achieve... challenge accepted!"

Mason will now perform for Nick and his guest Judge at his Judges’ Houses, along with the five other boys in the category – Ben Clark, Ché Chesterman, Josh Daniel, Seann Miley Moore and Simon Lynch.

Is it right Mason should be brought back after his behaviour and disrespectful comments to Simon and the team? He wasn't even given a chair. Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook.


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