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Cheryl Sensationally QUITS The X Factor - Simon Cowell Is OK with it

Simon Cowell and Cheryl

Cheryl has made a shock decision to quit the X Factor to concentrate on her new music. Cheryl told Simon Cowell her decision at dinner in Hollywood last week.

This morning Cheryl's spokesperson confirmed this in the following statement:

"Cheryl has decided she will not be returning as a judge for the next series of The X Factor".

Cheryl said: "I have had such an amazing experience being a judge on The X Factor. I have learnt so much and enjoyed nurturing talent but I've missed making music and am excited to be recording again.

"I want to thank everybody I have worked with along the way, especially Simon who I love to bits. I hope the show continues to produce stars and I wish them all the best.

Simon Cowell added: "Cheryl and myself spoke about this. I totally understand her commitment to making more records. She has been amazing on the show and in the near future we will be working on other things together."

A source close to Cheryl told Dan Wootton from The Sun newspaper : “Cheryl told Simon of her decision at dinner last week in LA.

They have had many discussions about the new series but she finally made up her mind.

“Her relationship with Simon is the best it's ever been and they both are incredibly supportive of each other

“Last year was one of her favourite series, she had a lot of fun mentoring her groups and enjoyed working closely with the production team on the show.”

“She’s having a great time in the US with Liam and getting back to her pop roots.

“Simon understands her reasons. He is supportive. X Factor will always be a special show for her as it changed her life.”

The friend said: “She has said she's always around for him to call if he wants a secondopinion on anything to do with the show.

“She's set to be back on the show as a performer with her new music later this year.”

Simon now has another seat to fill on the panel with the auditions starting in a couple of months.

Who would you like to see replace Cheryl?

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