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Catch Up With The Fun, Photos And Gossip From The X Factor Launch Party!

Dermot O'Leary with Roman Kemp at the X Factor Launch party

We attended the X Factor launch party at a hotel in central London. The venue was a central London hotel with a rooftop garden for the media to chat with the judges before watching the launch show.

Rylan Clark-Neal at the X Factor launch party

First to arrive were Xtra Factor hosts Rylan and Matt. So strange to see Rylan come from being a 'fun' contestant on the show through to a host. In the Q&As which followed the screening he was so witty and quick with his answers.

Louis Walsh at the X Factor launch party

Louis arrived looking very slim and young. He must have taken inspiration from Simon!

Nicole Scherzinger at the X Factor launch party

Nicole's turn. Wow, she is beautiful. Nicole was wearing a blue dress with silver heels so high that most of us could never dream of walking in.

The roof gardens of the hotel. We could have settled down nicely here all day!

Simon and Sharon unfortunately couldn't attend the launch due to filming commitments in America. Simon is in the middle of the America's Got Talent live shows at present.

Simon Cowell VT at the X Factor launch party

Simon did however send a video message for us all.

After a couple of hours we were taken to the screening room where we saw Saturday night's show. We can't say much about it at the moment other than this panel of judges are so good together. The fun is back, Nicole is hilarious, Simon was on good form and Louis and Sharon are the classic double act.

What really came across is how genuine this year's judges are, nothing fake, nothing strained. They obviously felt comfortable with each other so it just worked.

Together with the small room audition rooms back and the arena dropped until the six chair challenge the show has gone back to basics and the producers have given us back the show we always loved.

If the contestants from the first show are anything to go by there is some outstanding talent to come. Three of the contestants on tomorrow's show could quite easily go through to the lives. Of course there is the bad, but even they are funny, no actually, they are hilarious. Prepare for lots of laughter on Saturday night.

The judges and hosts at the X Factor launch party

The judges and hosts did a Q&A session after the screening which was hilarious. Details on that to follow tomorrow.

The judges and hosts in our red carpet gallery


X Factor returns Saturday and Sunday at 8pm.


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