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Britain's Got Talent: The Finalists Revealed

After much deliberation, Simon Cowell, Amanda `Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams made their decision on who goes through to the Britain's Got Talent semi-finals.



Fayth Ifil is a singer from Swindon, she is Simon’s Golden Buzzer act.

Honey and Sammy are a mother daughter singing duo from Essex. They are Amanda’s Golden Buzzer act.


Jon Courtenay is a comedy musician from Manchester. He is Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer act

Nabil Abdulrashid is a comedian from London. He is Alesha’s Golden Buzzer act.

Sign Along with Us are a choir from Manchester. They are David’s Golden Buzzer act.


Aaron and Jasmine are a dancing duo from London

Aidan McCann is a magician from Ireland.

Allan Finnegan is a comedian from Liverpool.

Amanda and Miracle, Amanda and her rescue dog Miracle are a magic act from Inverness-shire, Scotland.

Belinda Davids is a singer from Cape Town, South Africa.

Bhim Niroula is a singer from Reading.

Billy and Chantelle are a dancing duo from Birmingham.

Beth Porch is a singer from London.

Chinieke! Junior Orchestra is an orchestra from London.

Class Dynamix is a choir from Leeds.

Crissy Lee is a drummer from Colchester.

Dario Grappeggia is a singing variety act.

Damien O’Brien is a magician from London.

Ember Trio are musicians from London. - No picture available

Hakan Berg is a comedy magician from Stockholm.

Imen Siar is a singer from Croydon.

James and Dylan Piper are a father son magic duo from Aberdeen, South Wales.

James Stott is a danger magic act from Yorkshire.

Jasper Cherry is a magician from Lancashire.

Katherine and Joe O’Malley are a singing dancing duo from Salford.

Kevin Quantum is a danger magic act from Edinburgh.

Magical Bones is a magician from London.

Myra Dubois is a comedian from London.

Papi Flex is a contortionist from Brussels, Belgium.

Shalom Chorale are a choir from across the UK.

Sirine Jahangir is a singer from London.

Soldiers of Swing are a singing duo from Sheffield.

SOS From the Kids are a choir from Hampshire.

Souparnika Nair is a singer from Bury St Edmunds.

The Coven are a dance act from across the UK.

Urban Turtles are a dance troop from South London

Wesley Williams is a unicyclist from Florida.

X1X Crew are a dance troop from Mumbai, India.

Yakub is a dancer from Stratford upon


The Britain's Got Talent semi-final start on Saturday 5th September at 8pm

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