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Britain's Got Talent Is Back! Our review of Week One

The show that has broken records around the world is back, and with it let's welcome back Simon, Alesha, David and Amanda. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to series nine of Britain's Got Talent.

Simon and his fellow judges arrived in style,driving onto the red carpet, (and why not?) in his truly patriotic and cool dude Mini, (I have one too Sir Simon). With the whole of Britain watching whose up first?...well I will tell you. It's Narinda Dhanni, an IT consultant who, having many years of practice, is playing..... a comb. Eh? A comb. I am not making this up. It was good but he needs to brush up and smooth his skills. Especially his two sidekicks...

Free runner Matt McCreary was as a slinky as a cat. Leaping from the balcony of the theatre and across the stage. It was breathtaking and an amazing skill. It was a joy to watch. 4 yeses.

Contortionist Magdalena Stilova bent over backwards to impress the judges and she more than did that. It was one of those acts that you don't want to watch but that you can't take your eyes off. Another 4 yeses.

Billy & Emily England are brother and sister from Birmingham. They are a roller-skating duo who, let's say do much more than roller-skating. It was incredible, I can't wait to see what they do next. 4 yeses.

162 piece choir Ysgol Glanaethwy and my goodness it was so angelic. I'm a sucker for this kind of act and I loved them. The first goosebump moment of the new series. Has off to each and every one of you. A hit album awaits. 4 yeses. If you love dogs, then the next set of auditions is going to right up your street.

One Man and his Dog aka Dave 51 and his Yorkshire Terrier Max take the lead audition and it's fair to say Max seriously disliked Ant. I mean really disliked him. His constant chasing of Ant was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Shame that wasn't an act in itself!

Lets hope Tracy and her two year old dog Yolo are better, um, well, no they are not. It was a bit pants to be honest. Feathers the chicken, (I'm not joking) and Marion tried to do tricks but it was a foul act. Next....

What we need is inspiration. I hope Marc Metral and his dog Wendy can bring it. What is happening, that dog is actually talking, well miming. I have never seen anything like it. It blew me away. It was clever, unique and genius. It is quite simply one of the best ever first auditions, I have ever seen on BGT, 4 yeses and a standing ovation.

Brother and sister solo singers Jade & Team Midas' Calum Scott auditioned separately. Jade was up first and although the basics are in place, she needs a bit more work. Definitely one for the future.

After watching his sister not get through, it was Calum's turn. Wow, wow, wow, what an amazing vocal, to have a voice and the range like this, is a pure gift and Calum has it all in abundance. He also looks great and is a likeable lad. Then bam..Simon pressed his Golden Buzzer, meaning Calum is straight through to the live shows. Get in, well done Calum and thank you Simon.

Mal Jacobs, Tony and Andrew and Vision, aka Tracey & Sue all tried but it wasn't good enough and sadly for them, they all went home. Closing tonight's brilliant first show were 12 piece dance group, Ruby Red Performers. All women, aged between 25- 65. It was fun to watch and put a huge smile on my face. A great end to THE best opening audition BGT show in nine series.

Our review written by Dean Maynard


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