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All Change For Judges Houses On X Factor As Live Broadcast Now CANCELLED!

Simon Cowell at his judges House in Los Angeles 2014

X Factor bosses have cancelled plans to film the Judges Houses LIVE at locations around the world, after fearing it could become a logisitical nightmare with sound problems and satellite link up delays playing havoc. There is of course always the problem of the weather not being in their favour.

This will come as a disappointment to Simon Cowell as he was excited at the X Factor press launch when he announced they would be live.

In a new format, the judges will not decide which singers go through to the live final stages and which go home until the night the Judges House segment airs on October 24 and 25.

All the judges and singers will then be filmed live at a London studio that weekend, where the 12 finalists will then be chosen live.

An X Factor source told the Mirror newspaper: “We’ve always planned to have a live element to Judges Houses, to give it more tension and drama. The biggest part of the show is the contestants’ reactions - finding out whether they have made it to the live shows and learning who the final 12 are.

“Now that we are finalising our plans this will all happen live from the studio in Wembley with all the judges and the contestants together, along with their friends and family.

“For the rest of the show we are going to pre-record the contestants performing on location, as logistically and technically this will give us the best show for viewers.”

A source added: “If Judges Houses were live and abroad the singers would have had less time to rehearse as they would have been flying back to the UK the week of the live shows and those filming at long haul destinations would have been at a disadvantage to short haul destinations.

This seems like a good compromise with a new live element in London and the luxury of Judges' houses at luxury locations too.”

The big question remains...who will be Simon Cowell's helper? Will Louis Tomlinson replace Sinitta at his judges house?

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