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A Boyband Who Doesn't Sing, A Magician Who Got It All Wrong and One Who Got It Very Right!

Over 11 million of us watched the BGT 2015 first show and it was, arguably the best ever opening episode. A show that had everything, including a comb player if you want one. Week two, here we go...

Martial arts expert, 9 year old Jesse Jane McPartland kicks us off (literally). It was energetic and fun to watch. A fantastic start to the show, just don't upset her. Four yeses. Jane and Dolores, aka Acqua Jane & Dolores, took their chance in front of the judges performing their own folk song. It was pretty awful and I am sure Alesha Keys would have agreed if she had been there! It was so bad, my cat ran out of the room, please make it stop.

What this show is missing is clowns playing bagpipes...oh hold on, here come Rob, Kieran and Stephen, aka The Absurdist Pipe Band. A group of bagpipe players, dressed as clowns. Well we all definitely need a bit of this in our lives. Oh blimey, my ears are bleeding. Hayley Pyke performs her rendition of ‘The Show Must Go On’...oh, I hope this doesn't go on for much longer. Can Arlene and Doug improve things. in short, no. Next.

Corey, Mike, Dylan, Jaih 17 and Mikey, aka Boyband, are a dance troupe from London. I am usually very anti this kind of thing, as I still compare everyone to Diversity. This was fun, fresh and memorable. It was so good Ant and Dec pressed their golden buzzer. Great job lads, brilliant stuff. Simon said "I’ve sat in this chair for a long long time and with you, I’ve seen the future." Four yeses With his family in the audience Adam Lazarus got his puppets out. I mean dancing puppets. To be honest, it was a load of old puppets.

Playing his cow bells Joseph Friedmann really went for it. The audience and judges (including me) loved it. Four yeses. The worst comedian in BGT history, aka Peter Cumine followed. He was so bad he made the jokes I tell look world class. Thanks mate.

With her five kids watching Becky O'Brien sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". It was emotional and you could hear a pin drop in the audience and in the Midas household. I loved her. Fantastic, faultless vocal performance. 10/10 Becky. Simon "Wow. I was not expecting that. Your voice is so beautiful, so authentic, it was just so emotional. "That was your moment and you took it and it was fantastic". Four yeses.

After a rip roaring entrance, I was really looking forward to seeing Jeffrey Drayton. I must admit, I did enjoy it and it was very funny. The bit where his puppet assistant Chantel said, "I don't wanna go in the cannon" was priceless. My sides were killing me. Like any good card trick, just as we thought it had gone wrong, and after Jeffrey had fired Chantel, out of the cannon, he pulled the card out of the bag, well out of her mouth actually. It's a yes from me Jeffrey. Brilliant stuff.

Jamie Raven is by far the best magician I have ever seen in all my time reviewing this show. It was so awesome. It completely blew my mind.

World class does not even cover it. Amazing stuff Jamie. Wow. Simon said “I now actually believe in magic - I do!”

Last up tonight it's 12 year old Henry Gallagher. Henry performed his own song 'Lightening' that he wrote for a girl he has a crush on. Once the song started my feet were instantly tapping along. This is a top 10 track, waiting to happen. Henry and his 'Lightening' track are storming in to the next round. Right, I'm off to check Chantel is OK...see you next week.

Many thanks to Dean Maynard for writing our review. You can follow Dean on Twitter @Team_Midas

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