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Simon Cowell's television company shows a fall in profits

Simon Cowell's entertainment company SimCo Ltd shows a fall in profits of nearly £30million in the last financial year.

Previous results for the preceding 18 months showed a profit of £34.6million.. Accounts for last year showed £5.8million from documents filed at Companies House.

This also showed Simon did not take any earnings from this period The fall is mainly due to his television shows not being able to to be filmed fully during the pandemic.

An insider told The Sun: “Everyone in the TV industry has been hit by the pandemic and Simon’s company has taken a ­considerable battering.“With The X Factor rested and BGT plagued by issues, it’s been a slow year.

“Simon is a savvy businessman, however, and he’s no doubt going to be back on top over the next 12 months.”

Simon resigned as a director of SimCo Ltd in September 2020 to restructured his Syco Entertainment empire. You can read more about this here: Simon Cowell buys out Sony's stake in Syco TV production

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Sharon Bowskill

4 months ago

I am sure Simon would not be surprised by the shortfall in profits as he is all to aware as a savvy business man that the Entertainment industry has been hit pretty hard under the circumstances he will take up the slack as only Simon knows how.

jamey Saturn

5 months ago

Wishing Simon good health and looking forward to his return on my TV line up !!

Sylvia Somerville

5 months ago

I am so sorry to hear this, but Simon is a maxi businessman and he will regain his losses and quadruple his profits in 2021. I have complete faith in Simon. He is a very special man. Just watch him zoom to the top and beyond. My thoughts and prayers are with him as he restructures and gets things going again. The only reason this happened was because of his accident and he was unable to take care of things in his usual top notch manner. No worries. He has his wings and he is going to soar. I believe in Simon. Hugs