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Simon Cowell and Lauren take Eric to Winter Wonderland

Simon Cowell likes ketchup on his chips!

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman took a festive trip with Eric to Winter Wonderland in London.

Simon wasn't very successful in winning Eric a prize playing a game with darts.

Never mind, Eric enjoyed riding the open top bus.

Time for chips - with ketchup of course.

Crash helmet on and it's on to the ice slide

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So beautiful, and so lovely that u take time for family and letting Eric have some wonderful memories made. Beautiful family xxx Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you have a wonder festive season, love from Australia



stella marshall


Enjoy Christmas you guys. x

Kelly Brennan


Hi Simon, it looks like you & your family were having fun, I'm glad !

I keep asking this very important question, but you never seem to respond though, will I begin to earn $ for my songs soon ?
How is Howie doing, collaborating with them ? I hope everything's going great !

I prat that yous will have the Christmas song(s), out before Christmas passes this year !

I cant wait, to finally earn an income, from what I love to do, write songs, & hopefully one day, be able to have the talented artists I collect, perform my songs to, (hopefully on the talent show, starting on Hutchinson Island, along with the many other dreams coming true too !

It would make, humongous amounts of money, make many jobs available, & make millions of people extremely happy, especially, me !!!!

Thank You for all of you help Boss, in helping me achieve my dreams !!!! Take Care !

Sharon Bowskill


Who Hoo Simon CHIPS ...Really I thought they where banned...Naughty Simon


Very nice

Sylvia Somerville


Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures of Simon and Eric and Lauren enjoying the winter wonderland. Great photos. Happy smiles. Fun! Hugs.


Nice pictures



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