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X Factor: Song List For Week 3 - Divas

This Saturday is 'Divas' week with some big divas in the song choices, others we are not to sure about.

Guest performers on the Sunday result show are Shawn Mendes and John Legend.

The Boys:

Matt Terry: Mariah Carey - I’ll Be There

Ryan Lawrie: Adele - Rolling in The Deep

The Girls:

Emily Middlemas: Whitney Houston - How Will I Know

Sam Lavery: Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Gifty Louise: Sam Smith - Lay Me Down

The Overs:

Honey G: Vanilla Ice / Queen - Ice, Ice Baby/Under Pressure

Relley C: Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman

Saara Aalto: Bjork - Oh So Quiet

The Groups:

5 After Midnight: Amy Winehouse - Valerie

Four of Diamonds: Lady Marmalade/Bang Bang - May, Pink / Lil' Kim, Jessie J, Arianna Grande.

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The X Factor returns Saturday and Sunday at 8pm.


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