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X Factor Review - Week 7: Love Is In The Air...

Saturday night and we face the last of the X Factor auditions. Over the past few weeks it has been stressful, exciting and life changing, but enough about me. On a serious note, as I mentioned before, this years' talent has been amazing. Will anyone follow on from Leona Lewis, One Direction & Little Mix.....?

First up, was accountant Megan Dallas, who started with a big number, (sorry) joking aside. Megan got us off to a good start and sailed through with 5 yeses.

We didn't see much of Kerri-Anne Phillips, but from what was shown tonight, I think we will be seeing a lot more from this great talent. 5 yeses

Essex singer Lucy Duffield, (yes, I love her already) sang two songs and performed them both brilliantly. The tone of her voice gave me goosebumps, especially 'I Have Nothing'. 5 easy yeses. Simon said "What I like about you is the fact that you're a bit f***ed off, You've tasted that you nearly had it and then it was taken away from you. This could be your time, Lucy."

Husband and wife duo Nige and Kay were likeable and very good. They gave off such a nice feeling. I hope they do well from this, whatever happens on their X Factor journey. 5 yeses.

Friends Louis & Ellen, aka Louel, had something. It didn't blow me away but it was they did enough to get through. 5 yeses.

Chris and Gabriel, aka The Shures, filled the room with love, even the Midas family were waving our arms and feeling a bit teary eyed. Look, for me it wasn't perfect BUT I think it could be. There is definitely something

Andy Taylor (no not from Duran Duran) is an ice cream man, not a Sundae school teacher (sorry) and whilst he performed, the ice creams he gave the judges weres used in a brief 'fight'. It slightly overshadowed his performance but he did enough to get through.

The boys category is very tough this year and Anton Banaghan just upped the bar even more, likeable and vocally strong. 5 yeses.

Boyband DTour gave us a huge build up....but sadly the product didn't match the hype and the Manager coming on the stage did not help. I admire the support and loyalty but as much as I love my acts, you would never see me on that stage. 5 no's.

Up next and sounding like a Scooby Doo character was Chase Mystery. Then Ollie Marland & Joseph McCaul followed and for me of the three Ollie Marland was the stand out. They all got through to bootcamp.

Tori V Musekiwa & girl band Unit X didn't not improve the mood of the judges and the Midas. Game over. Next. Please.

Reggie and Bollie, aka Menn On Poinnt, improved the mood and although it had more style than substance, at least it woke us all up from our deep sleep. They gave it 110% and you can't ask anymore than that. 5 yeses. Simon said ‘I love you two, you’re completely nuts,’

The final audition of the 2015 season falls with Sherilyn Hamilton Shaw, the kind of person we need more of in this world. A real people person who puts others before herself.

It was emotional and Cheryl and most of the UK were reaching to dry their eyes. I agreed with the boss, the vocal wasn't the best but for being an absolutely wonderful person, you deserve another shot. 4 yeses. Simon said "That could be the best back story we've ever had on X Factor - do you have a rescue dog too?"

We have now seen the winner of the X Factor 2015....but who will it be?

Right, I'm off to bootcamp...see you tomorrow

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