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The 45 Britain's Got Talent Semi-Finalists Are Revealed.

The best ever BGT auditions are drawing to a close and I for one, will sad to see the back of them. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single episode. Tonight, it is decision time and 200 acts become 40. Those 40 will join the Five Golden buzzer acts, giving us a total of 45 for next week's live semi-finals. You with me? Right, here we go.

But first, we have the remaining auditions who may still make it through. Up first, was five piece tap dancing group John, Jo, Stuart, Billy and Matt, aka Beat Brothers. It was fun, well choreographed and ladies loved them. 4 yeses.

Magician Michael Late, was, well, late. Once he got going it was visually perfect and very entertaining. 4 yeses.

Vocal impressionist, Andrew Fleming wore his heart on his sleeve during his VT and his honesty was refreshing and old school. His impressions were also very good and a compliment to him that I didn't have to ask Mrs M, who it was supposed to be. Well done Andrew. Simon said: “You’re refreshingly bitter. I really like you.”

Classical siblings, The Kanneh Masons were amazing, I could listen to this all day and night. What a gifted family. Fantastic audition. 5 yeses. Simon said: "The fact you are a family makes it very special. I am really, really grateful you chose Britain's Got Talent this year."

Jules and her border collie Matisse performed an unbelievable, 'Dog Catcher’ routine that was exciting, expertly performed and a joy to watch. The worrying thing for me, was that I instantly compared them to previous winners Ashleigh and Pudsey. Simon said: "Faultless story and routine. Well done."

Colin Smith, Petronela Hovancova, Danny Husbands and Chris Shannon & The Showgirls all gave it their best shot, but sadly all failed and were sent home.

The last BGT auditionee of 2015 is six piece girl band, The Honeybuns. The girls were fun and the harmonies were tight and the audience loved them. What more could you ask, for 2015's last audition. Simon said 'It was fun, I like your personality, but I feel it was more cruise ship"

That is it....40,00 applied but only 45 will make it through. Good luck to all the Team Midas acts. Becky O'Brien, The Kingdom Tenors, Maia Gough, Entity Allstars, Calum Scott and Cor Glanaethwy.

After some nervy deliberation, the acts through to the live shows are listed with pictures are on our SEMI-FINALISTS page.

Well done everyone and congratulations for making it to the live BGT semi finals.

Live shows start on Monday 25th May through to Friday 29th May. The Britain's Got Talent FINAL is Sunday 31st May. Full list of guest performers are on our BLOG post.

Our thanks to Dean @Team_Midas for writing our review.


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