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Simon Cowell's son Eric: 'Thank you for saving those doggies!'

Simon is enjoying a holiday in Barbados with his partner Lauren Silverman and their son Eric. 

They took time out to speak to Good Morning Britain highlighting the work done by the animal charity All Dogs Matter which has saved dogs in South Korea.

Sitting aboard a yacht Eric was seen wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses as he said to the Good Morning Britain's audience: 'Happy New Year and thank you for saving those doggies.'

Simon said in the clip: 'Happy New Year, everyone. I’ve just found out how many dogs you saved through the campaign you launched. I want to say a big thank you to you, and to the public for supporting the campaign.’

A rescue mission to save thousands of dogs from the dinner tables in South Korea has been praised by Simon.

Simon’s message of support came after Good Morning Britain and Pete Wicks visited a dog meat farm in South Korea with a team from the Humane Society International. This amazing group rescued 170 dogs who were destined for the slaughter.

Are you interested in homing any of these adorable dogs? If so, then contact the All Dogs Matter Re-homing charity here:


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