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Simon Cowell wishes Captain Tom a Happy 100th Birthday

Simon Cowell appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning to wish Captain Tom a happy 100th birthday.

Captain Tom received over 125,000 birthday cards and watched a flypast with a Spitfire and Hurricane over his home this morning by the RAF.

Recorded at Simon's home in LA, Simon also thanked him for raising almost £300m for NHS charities.

‘Hello Captain Tom, this is Simon Cowell,’ Simon began. ‘I hear it’s your 100th birthday and I want to say that in itself is remarkable. ‘Happy Birthday. But I also want to congratulate you on everything else you are doing for the country at the moment. ‘You are a total inspiration. I was going to say you’re a national hero, I think you’re a world hero.’

‘Keep doing this, please, for the next 100 years. Sending you all my love. Have the most amazing day. ‘And once again, thank you for everything you’re doing for so many people. I salute you, sir.’

Happy birthday Captain Tom

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a year ago

a year ago

Author Sylvia Somerville

a year ago

Lovely message to a man who fought for the freedoms and rights we all enjoy today. I am happy that Tom is still with us and I pray he will be for many, many years to come. Tom is an inspiration to everyone! A hero! A brave and compassionate man!
Thank you, Simon, for Honouring Tom. Please take good care of yourself and stay safe. Although these challenging times are taking the world out onto uncharted seas, I know God will lead us all to the right tack and we will all sail smoothly into calm, waters of tomorrow. Again Simon, thank you for all the incredible ways you help. You are a very special man with a heart of gold. Be well. Hugs.


a year ago

That’s lovely! I am really pleased that Tom was able to do this! What an inspiration & hero!
so pleased to see Simon, as we haven’t heard much from him. Please keep safe Simon & look after yourself because you are looking so thin at the moment, it is quite worrying. Make sure you are eating well, sleeping etc and not overdoing it! Sorry your dance show got cancelled. I’m sure there will be other ideas that will pay off! Take care sending lots of ❤️

a year ago

a year ago

Nice of Simon to do that Happy birthday Tom 🎉🎈🍰🎂