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Simon Cowell wants to work with Cheryl on a new show

Simon Cowell with Cheryl

Simon Cowell revealed he wants to work with Cheryl again, but not on X Factor. He said he has plans for a new reality show in the pipeline and would love Cheryl onboard.

Simon told The Sun: “I have one or two ideas in mind.“Once she’s settled she’s going to want to be working again and I enjoy working with Cheryl — she is good.“ We still have a really good relationship and I think at some point we’ll probably end up working together again soon.”

Simon admitted he’s never been invited round to Cheryl’s home but claimed he would be more than happy to pop over and pay a visit to the happy family. “I haven’t had the call yet but I would be a godfather if asked.”

Simon is happy with his judging line-up on his two shows at present, saying “I don’t think for the moment we’d want to make any changes.“It worked on X Factor last year and the Britain’s Got Talent panel works really well .“There’s always room to come up with new ideas for shows but you’ve got to look at the whole landscape.“It’s a crowded market but there’s always room for something new if it’s a good idea.”

Simon also intends to beef up security for the shows after recent stage invasions “Bloody right — 100 per cent. “I laugh about the fact people were throwing eggs at me three or four years ago.“ But I watched what happened that time with Honey G and it was like the whole thing was happening in slow motion.

“Is that part of the act? Who are these people? What are you doing? And unfortunately you’ve got to be more and more careful.

“It’s not just myself I’m concerned about but the audience members and the contestants.”


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