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Simon Cowell to judge the finale of Canadian Family’s Got Talent

Canadian Family’s Got Talent and Canadian Breakfast Television join forces to create a new type of talent show. The finalists will be judged by Simon Cowell.

This will be a talent show with a difference as contestants will record their act from their own homes and gardens.

Simon spoke about the new show, “When I heard about this idea, I went, ‘this is brilliant!’. I love the idea of this, I’ve always wanted to make a family show, couldn’t be a better time to do it. You don’t have to worry about the production element or the sound or anything like this. I’ll be there at the end to hopefully judge the best of the best.”

“I think originality is really important. If you’re going to choose a song to sing, I always say ‘find a version that is your version’. It’s all about showcasing your talent, having fun with it, don’t overthink it but try and do something we haven’t seen before,” he said when asked to give advice to the contestants.

“There’s always undiscovered talent and there has to be a lot of undiscovered talent in Canada,”

Simon Cowell Skypes in with Breakfast Television Canada to talk all about America's Got Talent and to kick off our Canadian Family's Got Talent contest!

More news today: Simon Cowell and Lauren gift a large donation to K9 Friends dog charity

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Judy Thompson

a year ago

I love watching America got talent on tv and Facebook I remember whe Kodi Lee won the finals of the show I love Tyler Butler Figueroa he's good on the volin

a year ago

jennifer ann lamb

a year ago


Sylvia Somerville

a year ago

Sylvia Somerville Fantastic. A wonderful interview shows Simon as the down to earth, the sweetheart he truly is. Lovely personality and always positive and creative. I absolutely love his animal combinations. Great fun indeed.I am looking forward to the Canadian Families Have Talent. So much fun and it is happening at a time when it is really needed. Thank you, Simon Cowell.


a year ago

Wow! That was Such a long interview! I started to switch off! A cross between a rat and an ant = just my usual usual rant😂😉


a year ago

So is this how it will be for all your talent shows now??? Has it given you a new idea being in lock down😉

a year ago

Simon and Lauren

a year ago

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