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Simon Cowell To Give X Factor Live Shows A BGT Format

Simon Cowell and the producers want to give the X Factor live shows a make-over by introducing the Britain's Got Talent format.

We could see the latter stages of the live shows air every day over a week, instead of the usual two months of weekends.

Top bosses, including executive producer Mark Sidaway, fear TV audiences have grown bored with weeks and weeks of live shows.

This format works well for BGT so by airing seven shows leading up to a finale in one bumper week they hope to keep the viewer engaged until the end.

An insider told the Sun newspaper: “The X Factor executives feel it needs a shake-up with big changes to the format.

“They have been discussing having just a few weeks of live shows — so people get to know the singers — and then one big finals week.

“They think viewers would prefer one week of great TV, with star performers. “BGT is a huge success, so they could take inspiration from worse places.”

And the insider added: “If the live shows were focused on one week it would be easier to fit into schedules for the judges.

"Sharon had to commute from the States every week for months. “Cutting down the live shows is just one of a series of scheduling options.”

An X Factor spokesperson said: “No decisions have been made about the new series.

"Discussions are ongoing and details will be announced in due course.”

We think this is a great idea, a bumper week running up to Christmas, hopefully with a Christmas theme too.

We REALLY want to hear your views on this and will forward them on to the producers. Let us have YOUR feedback on Twitter, Facebook or email.


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