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Simon Cowell Talks To Extra's Terri Seymour About Eric, La Banda, Fifth Harmony and More...

Simon Cowell sat down with “Extra’s” Terri Seymour at his Los Angeles home to give “American Idol” fans an update on whether he’ll return to the show for the final season. Simon, one the original judges on “American Idol,” said he is okay with the 13th season being its last. “I kind of said goodbye many years ago.” He also revealed he doesn’t see himself returning as a judge, joking, “I don't really know… maybe I'll flip the light switch off at the end or something.” The music and television producer is back in Los Angeles after a successful season of “Britain’s Got Talent,” where he is enjoying some quality time with girlfriend Lauren Silverman and their 1-year-old son, Eric. Simon revealed to Teri that his son shares some similar qualities, like being “naughty.” Terri had some fun with her longtime friend, asking him if he has changed any diapers yet. Cowell quipped, “Yeah, quite a few.” Terri also asked the new dad if he feels like fatherhood has put him more in touch with his emotional side. His answer: “Perhaps.”

The always-outspoken Simon wasn’t shy about talking about L.A. Reid’s recent comments he made about Simon's show, “The X Factor,” being the worst thing he’s ever done. Teri said, “I thought he had fun on the show.” Simon responded, “Well, I thought so too!” He continued, “We had words… he does regret saying that.” Simon also commented on Zayn leaving One Direction, the band he produces. “I knew he wasn’t happy.” Many fans were unhappy when the news first broke, and Terri asked Simon if the other band members were over their disappointment of Zayn’s departure. Simon answered, “I don't know if they'll ever be over it completely, and in a weird way they kind of got stronger through it.” Fifth Harmony, the all-girl group he also produces, is stronger than ever with their new music. “These girls have not stopped working for three years… there's a chance they might go in at number one in England,” said Simon. Simon also dished about his upcoming competition show, “La Banda,” which will search for the next Latino boy band. He revealed he has hired Ricky Martin to be a judge. “He's a good judge. He's excited,” Simon said. “La Banda” premieres in September on Univision.


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