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Simon Cowell talks Nightbirde and Eric's reaction to his bike accident

Simon Cowell tells of his sadness on the passing of Jane Marczewski 'Nightbirde". Who lost her battle with cancer. last week.

Talking to Extra's Terri Seymour, he said “That was tough. It really, really was. You always pray in a situation like that that something is going to happen… She came to my house last year… We were talking about her music… She was so determined to beat this illness… When she left, I was just thinking, God, I really really hope she is gonna get through this… So unfair… It hit all of us really hard.”

Simon also spoke about his run of bad luck saying “In one week, I broke my wrist, tooth fell out because I was eating peanut brittle, a day after that, I tested positive for COVID.” Lauren also is recovering from Covid.

When asked about breaking his wrist which is still in plaster after coming off his bike, Simon said “I was riding my bike… I went around a corner too fast. That was it, knocked myself out. There were some people nearby, thank God, so they stopped the traffic… I was in a bit of a daze… I got back on my bike and drove one-armed back to the house. That’s how nutty I was.”

Simon had dinner with his son Eric before going the hospital. When Eric asked him whether he was wearing a helmet, Simon said, “I went, ‘Of course I was.’ He went, ‘You weren’t, were you?’ I said, ‘I was,’ He said, ‘Okay, pinkie, and we never break a pinkie.’ I was like, ‘Okay, I wasn’t,’ and I got the biggest telling off… That was the worst part of it.”


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