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Simon Cowell takes Lauren, Eric AND the dogs on a boat trip in Barbados

Simon Cowell is back on the waves in Barbados with Lauren and Eric, taking the dogs with him too.

Simon and Eric tried their hand at snorkelling before the taking out the trusted jet-ski..

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a year ago

Glad you are enjoying life once again!

I would feel remiss if I didn't comment on your full face mask snorkel. I am guessing the one pictured is an upgrade to that style snorkel I purchased. I had some difficulty breathing with it and when I googled it (after purchase of course) learned that they can be dangerous as there is not a proper exchange of air. Personally, I wouldn't use one. Just saw the picture and felt a need to bring it to your attention.

a year ago

a year ago

Simon is looking very healthy considering what he's been
through. He obviously knows how to have a great time.
Good for Simon.