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Simon Cowell takes his family for a bike ride in Malibu

Simon Cowell took Lauren, Eric and Adam for a bike ride in Malibu today before popping into the supermarket for supplies.

Staying safe Simon and his family were wearing masks.

Simon left his family at home to collect some groceries in his Alfa Romeo car. Staying safe he was wearing a mask and gloves for shopping

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Kelly Brennan

2 years ago

Simon, it's great that you bike with your family, but please, look what I have to deal with, from, a careless driver, and learn from my mistakes.

It's great that you make Eric wear a helmet, &, that you ride with the flow of traffic too, but please, protect your head, along with the rest of your family's, by wearing helmets !

You're a very special person, in my life, I don't want you to suffer brain damage, like I have to live with, for the rest of my life, from an uninsured female, who filed $150,000.00 bankrupt, the next day, while I was in the ICU, of Brookhaven Hospital, they didn't know if, I would survive.

You make Eric wear one, because you love him, that's wise of you, please do as you preach, without you, where would he be, along with me too, &, the rest of your family also ?

Thank You !

Sylvia Somerville

2 years ago

Thanks. It is lovely to see Simon taking all precautions and following the directives. If we all work together, this virus will be over soon and the world can get back to normal. Lovely to see Simon and his family healthy and exercising. Please stay safe and healthy. Hugs.

Jane Judd

2 years ago

Lovely photos and thank you so much for sending to me. FABULOUS:)