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Simon Cowell Takes Eric To The America's Got Talent Auditions & Has Simon Found The Next Tay

Simon Cowell with son Eric backstage at America's Got Talent

Simon Cowell took Eric backstage at America's Got Talent where he appeared to take it all in his stride.

Simon Cowell backstage with his son Eric at America's Got Talent

Is Simon showing Eric a magic trick?

Simon Cowell revealed that his two-year-old son Eric - his 'right-hand man' - is already following in his footsteps as he helps him out behind the scenes.

According to Simon, his little boy enjoys watching the America's Got Talent auditions and isn't afraid to make it clear when he isn't enjoying an act.

Simon, said: 'He's the world's cutest little boy. I've got to tell you, he's going to be my little right-hand man - anything he likes I like."

Not content to stay backstage, Eric joins Simon Cowell in his judges chair. Looks like he has taken to it like a duck to water.

'He's brilliant, he comes down to the auditions and really enjoys the acts. He's very good to watch funnily enough, because I can see when he's bored and when he's up dancing.

'He's a good critic already. He's unpaid, but he's helping me!'


On America's Got Talent last night, Simon Cowell thinks he has found the next Taylor Swift.

The singer took to the stage with her ukulele for a rendition of her own song 'I Don't Know My Name', receiving a standing ovation from all four judges.

Howie Mandel thought Grace was so good he pressed his golden buzzer.

"Grace, do you know what I predict for you?" Simon Cowell said. "I think you are the next little Taylor Swift."

He later added: "I 100% think we've got a star. I really do. This girl is special."

Take a look at Grace VanderWaal's audition.


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