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Simon Cowell starts his road to recovery with tentative steps

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell took his first tentative steps yesterday after breaking his back, although he has months of physiotherapy ahead of him, this is a great start,

He is said to be in good spirits a source told People, “He’s taking it easy but doing well,” the source shares, adding that “Simon is already back at work and he’s been working on email on his iPad and speaking to a few on his team.”

“He’s definitely not letting this slow down all the things he’s got going on,” the source explains.

The bike which Simon is thought to have fell from is a CAB Recon bike which is said to be "the most powerful electric bicycle on the planet" and can reach 50mph in five seconds - with a top speed of 60mph.

Apparently it took off going into a wheelie, Simon came off landing on his back.

Simon's close friend Terri Seymour revealed that Simon is in good spirits and said she had spoken with his long-term partner Lauren Silverman on Monday.

Terri said: 'He's on his iPad, making phone calls, working. He actually just took a few steps. Lauren just told me he's already bossing her around.'

Adding: 'It will be some time before Simon is back to his usual self, adding that he's 'going to need a lot of physical therapy'.

Speaking on Extra TV, Terry said:: 'The impact of the fall was one centimetre away from his spinal cord, that is true. It’s bad and he is in agony. It could have been so much so much worse.'

'He was testing the new bike pretty slowly just in the turning circle in the courtyard of the house.

'And as he changed gear, the bike flew up in the air in a huge wheelie and he fell off backwards landing on his back.'

Terri also said that she believes Simon was surprised by how fast his new bike could go and that the accident was very painful.

The bike is very fast and very powerful. I don’t think he realised how powerful it was, and he flew off the bike, landed on his back… obviously was in a lot of pain, in agony.'

Simon will miss the live shows of America's Got Talent so Kelly Clarkson will fill in for hime A source said: “Simon’s really happy Kelly is standing in for him on AGT this week and grateful to her,”

Simon Cowell in hospital after falling off his new electric bike

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a year ago

Dear mr.cowell, I am writting this in very sincere heart felt wishes and prayers that you recover safely, and wih lityle pain as possible. Ake care,miss you dearly!!

a year ago

Usha Varma

a year ago

Simon get well.Rest and get a lot of sleep.I walked and talked in the 1st 5 days after a back injury surgery.I HAVE NO MEMORY OF THAT.I went to a rehab and all I did was eat good food,sleep a lot on OXYCONTIN every night with some Valium.After two weeks stopped most of the drugs and did 2Hrs PT and 2Hrs OT.Told all my friends not to visit me--no social visits.Took care of my paper work for my practice.Oh those angels who helped me and by six weeks I was out and by 10 weeks was operating and delivering babies.SO MANY PORAYED FOR ME.I was 65 and medicare paid my bills..SIMON get rest some place like a rehab.Oh yes the NUSTEP machine was great to strengthen my legs.


a year ago

Kelly is a great stand in, good choice and get better when it is right for you.

Carolyn Vera

a year ago

Hope you get better real soon. The show won’t be the same with out you. 👍❤️👍

Anna Schneider El Paso Texas

a year ago

So glad your doing so well.
Prayers and love on the way!

a year ago

God Bless you Simon. Prayers and love. Happy to hear you have excellent Doctors and Nurses and are already taking tentative steps. This too shall pass Simon. You are loved by many people who want the very best for you. See you on AGT soon.


a year ago

We send you HEALING love you simon

Gwen Perry

a year ago

Dear Simon, I am so glad to know that you are better. I know you will hang in there. You are a very stong and determined person. GOD bless you and keeping smiling.

Shirley Norkin

a year ago

You have everything it takes to get well. Good luck. Lots of love around you and everywhere.
It's nice to now that people really love you and care.

Usha Varma MD

a year ago

Mr.Cowell please have somebody contact me.Get 8 to 10 hours of rest.OT AND PT 6 days a week.Gett NUSTEP that you can use after 4 weeks.I like to know if there is any nerve injury?At six weeks you need magnetic therapy -2 hours a day.