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Simon Cowell set to bring X Factor back after securing a big money deal

Simon Cowell - X Factor

Simon Cowell will reportedly relaunch the X Factor on our screens next year after a five year break.

After securing a big-money deal with a production company, Simon is now set to talk to different television channels about its return.

An industry source told The Star newspaper: “It has been decided that the time is right to bring X Factor back. It’s really exciting. Everyone who will be working on the new series can’t wait to get started.”

“Things are in the early stages at the moment. But the wheels are definitely in motion. It is hoped that production will begin at the end of the year.”

They are hoping to take the show back to basics like it was in the early days.

The source added: "Producers want to recapture the magic the show had when it was first on TV."

Whether it will be shown on ITV is yet to be decided, Simon will talk to other channels in the coming months.

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