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Simon Cowell Scraps The Fifth Judge On X Factor Live Shows

It was reported earlier this month Simon Cowell and X Factor producers planned to introduce a guest 5th Judge to help boost ratings. However, it appears things have not gone to plan.

Names like Sir Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton were all rumoured to be making an appearance. Even Sir Tom Jones name was out there following his axing from The Voice.

A source told The Sun "Another idea has been tossed on the scrapheap, because it wasn’t planned well enough, "

"This is becoming a recurring problem. Execs come up with ratings-chasing ideas on a whim, not thinking whether they will be possible, leave it too late and then ditch them."

Up until a couple of days ago it looked like it was happening, Simon Cowell loved the idea, but now apparently the idea has been scrapped.

Shame, we rather fancied seeing legends like Rod Stewart and Dolly onboard, and what about Louis Walsh? Does this mean no guest appearance from Louis this year?


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