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Simon Cowell's partner Lauren Silverman has asked him to stop the dangerous activities

After Simon Cowell broke his back coming off his electric bike he has reluctantly agreed not to ride it again.

Simon is well known for his love of jet-skis, fast cars and quad bikes but he knows he has a son and partner to think of.

This latest accident will see him going through months of rehabilitation after breaking his back in three places.

A close family insider confirmed to The Sun: “Lauren doesn’t want him to ride one of those bikes again, so he’s agreed with his friends and family to get rid of them as soon as he’s out of hospital.

“The power of the bike was unbelievable when he changed the setting up to the second one. The bike just flew into the air.

“Thankfully he let go of the bike as he fell backwards and it didn’t land on him.”

Lauren has reportedly put her foot down about him returning to work too early. The friend added: “The hardest thing is stopping Simon from getting back to work too fast. He never wants to stop.”

“The whole thing was caught on CCTV and the footage is horrific to watch.

“He’d shipped the bike over from the UK to ride on off-road trails in the US. This accident has put him off that idea.”

Simon's friend and BGT fellow judge spoke out about his accident saying "I've not been able to stop thinking about them all," she said. "It's absolutely horrific. We're all devastated and worried about Simon, but the positive thing is that he's in good spirits, and Lauren says that slowly he's on the mend.

"I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that, come the live shows, for Britain's Got Talent we can hopefully have Simon on a live link because we love him."

Simon Cowell starts his road to recovery with tentative steps

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a year ago

I, like so many others will miss you but get well Simon. Your health is important!


a year ago

I agree with Lauren, family and recovery has to come first! I will take your place in a hearts beat minute, Simon.

Charlie Knight, of Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

a year ago

I have had a broken back and am held together with rods and screws and wires. No T5 vertebrae and central cord syndrome. But a broken back is not the thing to fear, a broken spirit is. Simon can get back but he has to do it slowly. It took me about 3 months and then another 6 months. Before that about 15 years before I had another bicycle accident and was in the hospital and I tried to do things to soon. I had a relapse and was in really bad shape for almost a year. Tell him to take this old man, who is now healed and goes most short distances on his bicycle still. That he needs to follow the professionals advice and do what they tell him so he will heal. I am counting on him in this performance of his life to show others diagnosed with a 'broken back' that he can get well and encourage others to do the same. His determination to follow the 'doctors orders' and become strong may be just the thing to encourage someone else to NOT give up. It is not a broken back that one needs to fear, it is accepting a broken spirit as a normal aspect of life. We go ON from this moment with a strong spirit and excel in whatever we can do. The past is the past. We have now the future to conquer and we do that by what we do every day, and the spirit of determination to reach whatever goal we have set.

Nicky Wilkinson

a year ago

Hi Simon I did leave a message in your contact email but sadly I don’t think you ever saw it. I felt so I need to get in touch as I really understand how you must be feeling. I had a very shocking accident from a horse bucking me off in a dressage lesson!! Fractured T10 T11 and L1 so I have two titanium rods twelve screws and a brace now in my back. A miracle indeed I can walk. I know you have so much support at your fingertips. It is a miracle you are doing well. Just to let you know that the greatest turning point for my recovery was when I started Hydrotherapy. Good luck Simon. Kind wishes Nicky Wilkinson Bristol UK

Riley snyder

a year ago

Hope you feel better

Sharon Bowskill

a year ago

Great News

Eugene and Yolande Silvaggio.

a year ago

I’m so sorry to hear about Simon’s accident. I will include him in my morning Rosary tomorrow morning and every day that he will get better. My wife Yolande and I think you are a wonderful and gifted person who has brought much joy to the world with America’s got Talent. May the good Lord heal up your wounds.

a year ago

Good recovery - take it easy.

a year ago

a year ago

Rowena Vella

a year ago

Without you the live shows are not the same.you are the heart and mind of BGT.Its a positive thing you never give up work helps you recover sooner your in my prayers .Get well soon 😊