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Simon Cowell ready to produce shows for the streaming giant Netflix

Simon Cowell is reportedly in talks with the streaming giant Netflix to create talent shows for their platform.

`Never one to stand still, Simon has been planning new shows while in lockdown. A meeting has been arranged with the top bosses at Netflix for September.

An insider told The Sun:: “Simon’s moving with the times and thinks that his formats could .work for Netflix.

“A meeting with his team and their Content Acquisition team has been pencilled in for September.

“Simon has a proven track record of success with Got Talent and The X Factor – but he wants to move with the times and see what Netflix think of some of their new TV ideas.

“They still believe there is life in talent shows and Simon is keen to see if they could make something work on Netflix.

Simon Cowell leaves Syco Music and buys out Sony's share of Syco Entertainment. Read the official statement:

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Shirley Norkin

a year ago

I love AGT because it's not like all the other talent shows. That's because Simon Cowell
and his judges are the main attraction. Not sure if another talent show would work without
them. They would be just another talent show. Also, AGT feel current. That won't happen
when streamed. It will feel old.

Debbie Oliver

a year ago

That would be so awesome .... Simon is so good at producing talent shows :)

Dawn Ann McGibbon.

a year ago

I think this is a great idea. And it would be great to see Simon in person as well. With Simon’s ideas of this it’s sounds great to keep moving forward.


a year ago

Look forward to the new adventure!

Jenny lamb

a year ago

Fantastic good luck Simon