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Simon Cowell plans a global winners Got Talent show.

Simon Cowell with Susan Boyle on AGT
Simon Cowell with Susan Boyle on AGT last night. Photo credit AGT

Simon Cowell wants to produce a show where the winners of Got Talent from each country compete against each other to find a global winner.

In an exclusive interview for The Sun newspaper he said “I started thinking about maybe making it like the Olympics of Got Talent, but that would only be every four years.

“So now I am thinking we could do a Got Talent Champions League. So all the Got Talent shows from around the world send that year’s winner to compete against all the other winners. I think it would be brilliant because you’d be rooting for your country.

“That is way more interesting than just carrying on doing the same thing we do every year, because there’s got to be a progression. I think it would be amazing!”

Next Saturday sees the start of Britain’s Got Talent The Champions, will Simon run this again? “Of course I’d do it again. The idea that you wouldn’t seems crazy — unless nobody watches it.

“We’ll have to wait and see. But if people watch it, you’ve got enough people around the world who (viewers) haven’t seen or heard of but have won the show in their country.

“There’s a huge pool of talent to pick from. I think people have been enjoying the fact they’re meeting people for the first time.”

In other Got Talent news, Susan Boyle was the guest on the quarter finals of America’s Got Talent last night.


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