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Simon Cowell Plans A Big Shake Up For X Factor This Year.

Acknowleding a ratings slump against Strictly last year Simon Cowell intends to shake things up including possibly the judging panel.

Talking to the Daily Star on Sunday Simon said “There are elements we can make more exciting. I might mix up the panel too – you never know.”

He has also beefed up security on the shows after the egg throwing incident on Britain's Got Talent two years ago saying “I have to be careful what I say. It might not be an egg next time.”.

He also revealed the thought of doing a reality show terrifi es him. The tycoon said: “I don’t know how much money they’d have to pay me to go on Big Brother or I’m A Celebrity.

“You are tortured for weeks to be more famous – I can’t think of anything worse.”

In 2013 he agreed a new multi-million pound deal with ITV for both his biggest hits – securing them until late 2016. But he has now revealed how other networks attempted to snatch them in a ruthless bid to boost ratings.

Simon said: “Other people want X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent – that’s why I don’t get nervous when I meet with ITV.

“As long as I know others want them I don’t feel too worried.”

He hinted the Beeb had made an offer, adding: “Other channels want to buy them. It happens. But right now ITV like us and want to work with us.

Talking about his new Latin American show La Banda he said “The idea is simple – we’re going to put together a group of guys between 14 to 18. It’s a Latin show – they’ll sing in Spanish and English.”

“I don’t speak Spanish properly yet, but I’m learning. It’s a Spanish-speaking show.”


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