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Simon Cowell overhauls X Factor with focus on the contestants

Simon Cowell has dropped the traditional X Factor this year in favour of a celebrity version and an all-stars line up from previous contestants.

This year he aims to focus on the contestants rather than the judges who were paid millions of pounds last year.

Robbie and Ayda confirmed they have left the show and Louis looks unlikely to return due to concentrating on his music.

Talking to The Sun newspaper, Simon said: “It was no secret it was millions and millions of pounds. I am going to be really honest with you — and this is no disrespect to Robbie or anyone else who has been on the panel — my focus this year is mainly about the people who are coming on the show to compete.

“I’m probably talking myself out of a job here, but I think there has been so much emphasis on the judges. We’ve lost sight of the contestants. It got crazy, I never thought this would happen 20 years ago, when I started this show, that we would be talking more about the judges than the contestants, it’s complete nonsense.

“Somehow that’s the way it’s gone. So that’s why me and Rob were talking, and he could see where I was coming from. It’s about getting the right people to come on the show, that was it.”

Simon is hoping to attract big name celebrities by enticing them with the money which he had previously spent on judges.

There is also a lucrative recording prize for the winner.



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