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Simon Cowell on how he is coping with life in quarantine

Simon Cowell on how he is coping with life in quarantine - and it sounds like a lot of fun!

Simon is currently in Malibu with his partner Lauren and their son Eric. His advice is “Most importantly, occupy your mind.”

“You have to stick to a routine. Fortunately, with things like with Zoom, you stay in touch with the world, keep motivated, come up with ideas… I never get this time, normally.”

Talking to Extra's Terri Seymour it sounds like he has been enjoying spending time with Eric. “I was concerned how Eric was going to cope with all of this. He has been absolutely amazing… He is still able to do schoolwork, and now we are camping on the weekends in the garden.”

“Lauren, the first time, 11 o’clock said, ‘I can’t deal with this’… and I said ‘No, we are staying outside.’”

Simon also said he was enjoying cooking “I’m doing a bit of cooking,” adding, “I’m exercising. Funny enough, more during this time as well, sticking to the diet.” He said it’s easier to stay on track while at home. “The only difficult thing is when Eric orders a pizza… That’s the number one thing I miss.”

How much weight has he lost? “I think I have dropped, since I started this diet a year ago, 60 pounds.”

Simon will be back on our screens in the UK for BGT on Saturday and in America for AGT on 26th May.

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David Olawale Ayinde

2 years ago

Hello Simon,
I hope you are all keeping safe and staying well.
Please see a positive video that I have recorded to uplift our spirits during this lock-down period and to inspire us to get our industry back on its feet:


Let us continue to stay positive, keep the faith, and be safe because we will eventually get through this Pandemic
Kindest regards,

David Olawale Ayinde

Tel: 0798 126 1721 (London, UK)

Tel: 818 641 9092 (Los Angeles)

Charmaine Lindsay

2 years ago

Hi it's good to know that you are safe and well and enjoying spending some family quality time. I have an amazing business idea that is perfect for you. Let me know if it is possible to arrange a zoom meeting or something.


2 years ago

I’m so glad you are having this time to relax. I’m with Lauren on the camping. But that’s because I have never done it! But you have the lovely space to enjoy. So glad Eric is enjoying it too! Quality time for families to spend that time together! My situation is some what different and complicated because I am separated, but have two children. So we share the care of our children. But we have also been playing games etc and enjoying the time cooking. Sending lots f love to you all❤️🌈

Jennifer Ann lamb

2 years ago

A little of what you like does you good smaller portions eat what you like lock down same for every one break a leg agt

Sylvia Somerville

2 years ago

Simon is absolutely right! It is important to maintain a schedule, keep your mind busy and exercise. I love the idea of camping out in the garden. It is a lot of fun. This is the time to relax, enjoy the quiet time that was difficult to find during a busy career, and spend time with family. It is so good to hear that Simon is enjoying this quarantine period and creating memories with Eric. Soon everything will resume. We already have opened some businesses and parks, etc. Many areas here have had 0 new cases. Hopefully, we have crushed the curve. A vaccine will be tested and available soon and the worst will be behind us. It is lovely Simon is cooking, exercising. I know he will be creating some fantastic new and brilliant ideas and new shows and formats to experiment with. Simon is incredibly creative and talented. Simon, enjoy each day and smile! These are the best of the best times. I know it's a grim time as well, but we must maintain positivity and happiness. We change what we can and remain optimistic about things we can not change. Hugs.

Ekaterina Netchitailova

2 years ago

Share with us some cooking recipes Simon!