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Simon Cowell announces a new TV show called 'Walk The Line'.

Simon Cowell and ITV announce a new game show to be aired later this year.

Walk The Line is described as a "brand new high octane musical game show format" that comes from Simon Cowell's Syco company and Lifted Entertainment, part of ITV Studios and the team behind both I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! and Live Island.

The six-part series will offer musical variety acts a chance to win a life changing cash prize.

The TV event format sees musical acts - be they soloists, duos, bands, or choirs - take to the stage to perform for the nation, as well as a panel of judges headed up by Simon Cowell.

"The top two performers of the evening then face a nail-biting decision in their bid to be crowned champion - to either ‘cash out’ with a tempting cash prize, or walk the line and play on. Should they stay in and top the leaderboard, they will then progress to the next show, facing a different cast of performers


"The longer the performers can stay in the contest, the bigger the prize pot, with a high stake ‘stay or play’ moment at the end of each show. Each night, the reigning champion will be offered an even higher cash out prize - will they take the money and leave the competition, or Walk The Line and bet on themselves...?"

The format has been a passion project for Simon for many years.

Simon said today: "I am thrilled to be working with Lifted Entertainment and ITV on this new project. We wanted to develop a show which will give the contestants a life-changing cash prize if they win.

"Each show there will be a champion who must make a vital decision: either cash out then and there or stay in the contest to compete again the following night and have a chance to claim the huge prize.

"It’s the kind of decision that will have viewers on the edge of their seats – real event TV. I’m very excited at giving musical talent the opportunity to transform their lives like never before."

Katie Rawcliffe, ITV Head of Entertainment added: "The format Syco and Lifted Entertainment have created has all the makings of quintessential game show entertainment, but with a compelling twist thrown in each show.

"It’s great to be continuing our working relationship with Simon and I look forward to introducing this edge of your seat musical game show to viewers later in the year.”

Angela Jain, Managing Director, Lifted Entertainment commented: "It's hugely exciting to be partnering with Syco on this terrific yet simple to understand and dramatic idea.

"We have spent some months developing the idea with them and have had a blast. We want to produce a show that looks and feels different and cannot wait for viewers to see it."

Walk The Line will air on ITV later this year.


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