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Simon Cowell moves his career in a different direction

Simon Cowell signs an advertising deal for a mobile phone app

Simon Cowell in a surprise move has reportedly signed a seven-figure deal to advertise a mobile phone game.

Although no longer owning a mobile phone himself, Simon filmed an advertisement for the game Royal Match. The advertisement should air in the coming months.

Simon ditched his own phone to concentrate on his work and family, he felt answering texts and call was taking up too much of his day. Saying at the time 'I realised it was actually stopping me from working or living properly, so I just turned it off and I went a month, three months, then a year, then two years, then three years. And I love it.”

A source told The Sun newspaper "Simon rarely puts his name to anything for advertising but the offer from this was too good to turn down.

Hopefully it will make the Royal Match ads that pop up everywhere less annoying!


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