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Simon Cowell Makes A Surprise Visit To The Brit School

Surprising pupils at the Brit School, Simon Cowell shared some secrets to his success during a question and answer session.

“Enjoy this time,” Simon said. “The getting there is the most fun of this job.”

Earlier in the session the TV star recounted his early career and said his beginnings in the industry saw him doing everything himself.

'It was the best education I ever had,' he admitted, after revealing that he was actually 'bored out of my mind' at school in his younger days.

"The second I pulled up I thought, why didn't I go to a school like this, I would have loved it, because I hated school so much. I was so bored, it was so dusty and old-fashioned.

You walk in here, everyone's having fun, there's a good energy, you can tell they love being at the school, and just, enthusiasm and optimism."

The first part of Simon’s visit saw him going on a tour around the school with its principal, Stuart Worden.

He also spoke fondly of former Brit School student Adele, who has gone on to achieve global success with her hit albums 19 and 21.

'I can always remember, that incredible Brits performance and it was nothing more than a spotlight and for three minutes it was just mesmerising, and when you've got that kind of talent, you don't need tricks,' he said.

As well as going along to the TV studio at the famous school in Croydon, south London, he also went on a tour with the principal of the facility, Stuart Worden.

Among the classes he visited were a dance class, computer class and a recording studio. He watched two students performing in the studio, and congratulated them after their session, saying: “That was great.”

The two students – Dayo Bello and Rehaim West – who are both studying music at the Brit School – were ecstatic.

“It was a little nerve wracking,” said 17-year-old Rehaim, who is from East Dulwich.

During a visit to a set design class, Simon made sure to spend the time to speak to the students.

'It's quite nice to see he's interested in stuff like set design, not just people on stage,' said 17-year-old Rachel Chrystie, from south Croydon.

And he put on a sweet display with little Claudia in the music studio, playing some of the instruments with her and also chatting to her proud mum, Gabriella.

In the midst of his busy autumn schedule - which mainly revolves around the new series of X Factor - Simon visited the school and Nordoff Robbins facility in the grounds ahead of being honoured at this year's Music Industry Trust Awards (MITS), which is held to raise money for the school and the music therapy charity.

The school is the UK’s leading performing arts and technology state school and previous alumni include Adele, Jessie J, Leona Lewis and the late Amy Winehouse to name but a few.

Simon is being presented with his award at a ceremony to be held in November


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