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Simon Cowell & ITV To Keep X Factor & Britain's Got Talent On Screen Until 2019

Simon Cowell is in presently in talks with ITV to sign a new deal which will keep X Factor and Britain's Got Talent on the channel until 2019.

The Sun reveals the new three-year deal will end constant speculation that the broadcaster’s new boss, Kevin Lygo, was planning to rest or even axe The X Factor.

Negotiations are expected to be completed by early May.

With Britain's Got Talent airing early April to end of May and X Factor August until Christmas we are yet to see where ITV's new signing The Voice will fit in. Possibly the early slot in January, but would this be a talent show overkill.

We are pleased X Factor looks set to continue. Yes, figures were down on the early years but with 'on demand' and 'catch up' TV this is to be expected. An inventive judging panel together with quality contestants could turn things around in our opinion.

Let us know what your views are on X Factor continuing for another three years.

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