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Simon Cowell cleans up his unhealthy lifestyle

Simon Cowell interview on his lifestyle and future for his son Eric

Simon Cowell talks about how his vampire lifestyle was the cause of his stress. He wouldn't go to sleep until 8am and his stressful lifestyle spiralled out of control.

Simon realised he couldn't live that that anymore and his falling down the stairs due to a stress related giddy spell gave him a wake up call.

In an interview for the Sun newspaper, he admits: “I was like a vampire. For years I would not go to bed until eight in the morning.

“It was a wake-up call. I think stress, if you want my honest opinion, is the biggest killer of all.

“I’ve stopped all the crazy late-night phone calls and the late-night meetings. That was the problem.

“Suddenly you go, ‘I can’t live like this any more’. You don’t want your son walking in when you’re always asleep in the afternoon. I mean, that’s not great.

“Going back to Eric, I have laughed more this year than I have in years and I think it’s one of the best medicines in the world.”

He has stopped worrying about the viewing figures for X Factor saying: “My perspective on life is slightly different than it used to be. I used to be really competitive, read the ratings and have white knuckles. Now I find it funny.

“At the end of the day I always go back to Eric, who will hopefully one day be running these shows — one day, please God.

But our ratings with young people are up and everyone wants Robbie Williams, Ayda Field and Louis Tomlinson to come back.”

Simon said he has no regrets about the recent changes he has made in his personal and business life.: “This is the best I’ve felt in years because I’m going into the New Year now without any weight on my shoulders anymore.

"It’s like I’ve dealt with everything I’ve had to deal with. “You can’t change the past because you don’t know who people are but once you do you get them out your life.


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