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Simon Cowell in tears watching Julia Carlile dance again after paying for life changing surgery.

Julia Carlile and Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell was left in tears last night watching Julia Carlile dance again after paying £175.000 for her life changing operation in America two years ago.

Julia suffered from scoliosis a curvature of the spine which would have left her unable to dance again.

Julia was competing with the Mersey Girls on Britain's Got Talent - The Champions.

Following Saturday’s performance, Amanda Holden asked Simon to speak but he managed just a few words before handing the mic to the other judges, wiping away tears The Sun newspaper reported.

Simon left the judging desk to compose himself, standing in the shadows at the side of the stage.

Simon Cowell crying

He then told Julia and her fellow dancers: “All I want to talk about is one person’s strength and, beyond that, the friendship and support you all have, which we saw the first time we met you.”

Simon's voice began to crack as he spoke to them, “To see you able to come back tonight . . . it just means everything . . . ”

Julia Carlile and the Mersey Girls in 2017 on BGT
Julia Carlile and the Mersey Girls in 2017 on BGT

Fellow judge Alesha Dixon said: “That just made my heart soar. Simon, I love you, I love what you’ve done for her.”

Julia said: “I thought that now I would be at home not dancing for the rest of my life — but here I am backflipping with my best friends. “I couldn’t walk two years ago and now I am here.

“Simon, thank you so much. I don’t think I have ever been so happy as I am right now.”

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman leaving BGT Saturday night

Britain's Got Talent - The Champions airs next month on ITV. The final will be filmed this Tuesday. Watch the teaser:


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