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Simon Cowell in hospital after falling off his new electric bike

UPDATE: From Simon Cowell's Spokesperson - 9th August 2020- 1700 hours GMT

Simon has broken his back in a number of places in a fall from his bike whilst testing a new electric bike in the courtyard of his home in Malibu with his family.  He was taken to hospital where they operated overnight, he’s under observation and is doing fine.

Simon Cowell was rushed to hospital on Saturday following a fall while testing an electric bike at his Malibu home.

Simon is believed to have broken his back in the fall in his courtyard.

Simon's rep said: 'Simon had a fall from his bike on Saturday afternoon whilst testing his new electric bike in the courtyard at his house in Malibu with his family.'

He's doing fine, he's under observation and is in the best possible hands,"

Simon is expected to undergo surgery Saturday evening.

Join us in wishing Simon a speedy recovery.. We will keep you updated on news as we hear it.

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a year ago

I am glad he is better i had back surgery and it is a big deal so I wish him health and happiness. Be Safe and Happy

Gary Yarkony

a year ago

Please wear a Helmet to avoid a traumatic brain injury . Your injuries could have been Worse . Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

a year ago

Sending prayers

David Olawale Ayinde

a year ago


I am so sorry to hear of your recent accident. Thank God it was not very serious. I wish you a speedy recovery and please take care and look after yourself.


a year ago

Speedy recovery!
I recently fell myself (5days ago) so I know how vulnerable you are feeling right now. Don’t let it take you there, this too will pass and you will be enjoying the hell out of your life with the family. You got this!

a year ago

Dear Simon, I wish you well with your recovery. I was just reading about St. Gemma who is a patron saint for folks going through back pain. I had never heard of her before. So I will offer prayers via St. Gemma for you. Of course- there is always St. Anthony too..... Be well!

Margaret Murphy

a year ago

Your Biggest Fan. Who's Loved You Since Day One. Is Sending Prayers & Will Offer Up
The Mass for you, & I Know Your Mum & Dad (RIP) are There With You, & Will Be till Your Better.
Slowly Does It No Rushing. God Bless You Eric & Lauren xxxx

Wendy Alexander

a year ago

Wishing you a speedy recovery Simon x

a year ago

I wish you a speedy recovery, but I know this will take a while. Sorry this happened to you.


a year ago

Dear Simon...Wishing you a speedy recovery...I fell in my bathroom and broke my shoulder a couple weeks ago...too broken to fix...so they did a full replacement..so I feel your pain.
I had planned to retire this year after 35 years of teaching high school but did not want to abandon my students during Covid, but alas I won't be able to start in September. Prayers for you...
You are strong and healthy..you will come through this just fine...take it slow and easy. 🤗


a year ago

So sorry. I hope you recover quickly and get all the help you need. You are lucky to have such a loving family around you. I wish you well and hope you can enjoy future bike rides with your children.