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Simon Cowell has decided The X Factor will NOT return for 2020

Simon Cowell has decided to rest The X Factor for this year. It is contracted for one year, so this year Simon and his team will consider how to change it before bringing it back.

A TV insider told The Sun newspaper “Simon wants to really think through the show and how to reinvigorate it for the future.

“Although The X Factor is contracted for one more series, ITV totally understand the rationale behind the idea of resting it this year and want to give Simon and the team the time to do what they feel is right.”

Last year Simon tried a different format with a celebrity version and the launch of X Factor: The Band. Neither took off very well with viewers.

It will take a lot to bring the show back to the heady height of the days of One Direction, James Arthur and Leona Lewis. When at it's peak over 17 million tuned in.

We hope Simon and his talented team can bring it back to what it once was.

Should Simon try and revive The X Factor or drop it completely? Let us know on Twitter or leave your comment below.


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