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Simon Cowell has decided The X Factor will NOT return for 2020

Simon Cowell has decided to rest The X Factor for this year. It is contracted for one year, so this year Simon and his team will consider how to change it before bringing it back.

A TV insider told The Sun newspaper “Simon wants to really think through the show and how to reinvigorate it for the future.

“Although The X Factor is contracted for one more series, ITV totally understand the rationale behind the idea of resting it this year and want to give Simon and the team the time to do what they feel is right.”

Last year Simon tried a different format with a celebrity version and the launch of X Factor: The Band. Neither took off very well with viewers.

It will take a lot to bring the show back to the heady height of the days of One Direction, James Arthur and Leona Lewis. When at it's peak over 17 million tuned in.

We hope Simon and his talented team can bring it back to what it once was.

Should Simon try and revive The X Factor or drop it completely? Let us know on Twitter or leave your comment below.

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2 years ago

Bring it back better than ever love X factor love team

Evelyn Samuel

2 years ago

Certainly try and revive it. Simon has got the gift of the gab. He should never ever drop it. The most entertaining show ever. Simon will revamp it better than its former glory I am sure. You go Simon. You are the best. 🙏🙏👍🏼👍🏼

Sylvia Somerville

2 years ago

Thank you, Just Simon Cowell, for always keeping us up to date! As for the XFactor, it was a show everyone watched and tried to never miss when it was showing the auditions. There were many laughs when people thought they could perform and got rather testy when they discovered they are not performers. lol, Bring back the original format. You may think you need something new but sometimes "everything old is new again." Just my thought. It was fun watching boot camp and seeing the ones who worked hard and truly deserved a chance at their dreams and the ones who were only there for fun. Just 3 Judges. I think you only need 3 judges on all shows because with 3 judges the results are more true to the talent presented. Whatever, Simon is always spot on and he will make it POP again. Maybe it's time to just have American's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent. Simon will make a great decision. Hugs.

Annette Greewood

2 years ago

Keep it simple. General public as contestents, no celebs, no chair, use the formula that made it a success and attracted one D- leona Lewis etc!

Jane Annette Judd

2 years ago

Hi Simon - Lovely to hear from you and thank you for the information. Best Wishes, Jane

geraldine cecilia young

2 years ago

i would like to see more audience involvement . the at home viewers would feel more a part of the show. i also think using only 3 judges would be great. the show would move along a bit more energized. the 3 judges should have extremely entertaining personalities like sharon,simon, david and amanda.

Dawn Ann McGibbon

2 years ago

What would happened if you try leaving out X Factor for a year and just do America Got Talent and Champions? Can’t remember if there’s anything afterwards. Or instead of X Factor call it something else.

Philip Anthony Brown

2 years ago

Ow I did my Audition and sent itin for x factor this year .

I think l they should let the audience be more involved and also be the 4 judge to vote for the applicant to go through to the next stage .

2 years ago

Drop it now

2 years ago

I loved this show up until 2012. After that, I think it went downhill. What I would do Is Strip it right back. To how it was in the first 3 years? With Simon Sharon and Louis and just the three categories. 16 to 24 over 25 and groups and bring back extra factor. With Ben Shepherd and the original host Kate Thornton It would be nice to go back to the beginning. With the contestants singing in the room. With no backing track Just have the auditions. Bootcamp judges houses and live shows Like the normal days.

Jennifer Ann Lamb

2 years ago

Simon needs a break