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Simon Cowell Has Arrived In Blackpool -Well Sort of...

Simon Cowell has arrived in Blackpool in the form of a new waxwork for Madame Tussauds. Old pal Sinitta was on hand to give her verdict.

The new Simon Cowell pose shows the TV talent judge sitting on a plush sofa on a set reminiscent of LA judges' houses.

Wearing an unbuttoned white shirt the pose shows off Simon's chest hair, with Sinitta remarking, “Everything is just so perfect and lifelike, from the eyebrows, his ears, the expression in his eyes, he’s even got his chest hair, it’s just genius.”

Sinitta posed alongside the waxwork for a number of photos wearing a short red dress and matching top hat - even planting a kiss on his face leaving lipstick marks.

Commenting on the replacement waxwork general manager at Madame Tussauds Blackpool, Matthew Titherington said, "He’s been one of the attraction’s most popular figures to date and so we’re expecting this new casting to be a visitor favourite especially within the new set".


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