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Simon Cowell Gushes On His Son Eric's Achievements

Simon couldn't help but gush about his one-year-old son Eric on Tuesday night, with whom he's just spent the last month in Barbados.

Eric, Simon's only son by girlfriend Lauren Silverman, is 'swimming like a fish and an Olympic contender already,' he told MailOnline.

'We've just had a lovely holiday together, we enjoyed it - and the dogs had a great time,' he said of Squiddly and Diddly."

"He [Eric] is swimming and he's not even two. He is swimming the length of the pool, can you believe it? I got him into it early."

"Because of the houses we've got, there are a lot of water features, so if he ever falls in, God forbid, I've got to teach him not to panic. And now he's going to be an Olympic champion. It's such good fun.'"

More photos of Simon and Eric on Little Eric's special page


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