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Simon Cowell downsizes Syco Entertainment to focus on family life

In a surprise move, Simon Cowell is downsizing his company of 20 years to focus on family life with Lauren and Eric.

Simon Cowell is closing the UK offices of his Syco company - and will now prioritise working on-screen and “focus on his family”. The Mirror newspaper is reporting: :“Most of his business is now in America. However you look at it he needs to be in America for the majority of his projects.

“He loves his house in Malibu and Eric goes to school in LA so his family life is there. He will be back to the UK for BGT but there are no other work projects there for him. So from now on America will be his home.”

Staff at Syco TV have been told the company is effectively closing in the UK and senior staff have begun conversations about leaving the company.

Simon with a heavy heart is letting go the majority of his staff at Syco.

A source has told The Sun: “Simon has reached a time in his life when he doesn’t want the stress of running a global empire and so has made the difficult decision to wind down Syco.

“Obviously everyone involved, including Simon, is very sad. It really is the end of an era.

“Simon made this decision with a heavy heart but after much deliberation he had to do what is best for him and his family."

“Simon’s decision will give him more time to concentrate on what he enjoys.

“Running his business internationally – especially during the pandemic and since his bike accident – has become exhausting and understandably Simon now wants to focus on other things, and particularly his family.”

“As well as spending time with his family, he loves BGT and its US counterpart America’s Got Talent and he’d like to continue appearing on those and being in front of the camera for years to come.

“Simon puts his relationship with Eric above all else. “After he was born Simon’s life changed forever and work became secondary to Eric and being with him.

As Eric has grown older this has become even more important for Simon.'

Simon is still expected to start filming the next series of Britain’s Got Talent at The Palladium in London on Sunday.


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