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Simon Cowell to take part in a charity walk to raise funds for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices

Simon Cowell will take part in a 10k charity walk later this month to raise funds for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices. A charity close to Simon's heart where he is their vice-president.

Simon said he is doing his first ever charity walk to celebrate his “110 per cent” recovery from a broken back.

Simon has helped raise nearly £30,000 in just days for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices after pledging to do the walk with partner Lauren and the charity’s executive vice-president Karen Sugarman.

A source told The Mirror newspaper: “Simon is back to full fitness and has been telling pals he feels 110 per cent. He jumped at the chance to do the charity walk as it’s a cause so close to his heart. He has a contacts book bulging with celebrity friends and rest assured they will all be getting calls about donating.”

Karen Sugarman said: “When the sunset sets on this day, we will be marking it by remembering the many families we have supported throughout the pandemic, loved ones and we will hang a special lantern on a tree to remember those we have lost. Simon, Lauren and I would be so very grateful if you would consider sponsoring us and give whatever you possibly can.”

You can support this very worthy cause by donating at the Sunset Walk - Just Giving page.

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Yvonne Chesterman

7 months ago

Well done Simon, don't need to tell you how lucky you are, cos you done your journey so far....god bless

Author Sylvia Somerville

7 months ago

As I have said, many times before, Simon is an exceptional man and special friend. He has worked and suffered more than many can ever imagine, during his surgery and his road back to complete recovery. Simon is an inspiration to everyone. Please, whatever issues you are burdened with, like Simon would tell you, Never give up! You can do everything you want to do and dream of doing. Just reach out and keep your mind and heart on your dream and you will succeed. Thank you Simon for being an inspiration. It is fantastic to see you completely recovered and back to enjoying life on your terms. Smile and be happy.

Ekaterina Netchitailova

7 months ago

I hope that many people will donate to this extremely important cause.
Good that you recovered, Simon

Sharon Bowskill

7 months ago

FANTASTIC Simon, you have certainly had plenty of training recently with your recovery, it benefitted you and now to benefit others & with your contacts you will raise a healthy figure indeed, I hope people will be able to join you on this marathon so they too can raise even more money. Great Job to all involved x

7 months ago

Way to go , Simon, always are a real good guy when it comes to helping others. ~~;-)