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Simon Cowell cancels his 60th Birthday Celebrations

Simon Cowell has cancelled his lavish 60th birthday party due to work commitments.

The event was to take place tonight (Wednesday 30th October) at La Famiglia restaurant in Chelsea.

The reason for cancelling is stated as 'scheduling conflicts' A source told the Daily Mail 'Simon's focus is solely on work for now. It's no secret Simon is a workaholic and he always strives to improve everything he's involved in.'

'He also doesn’t want people hungover on Thursday and would rather the focus is purely on work - and of course the upcoming shows - rather than celebrating his 60th.

'His actual birthday was earlier this month anyway - and he had a small dinner in LA. So he's just decided this bigger dinner can wait until December when work starts to calm down.'

Simon and Lauren at the Pride of Britain event on Monday evening

Simon and Lauren sent guests a cancellation on Tuesday, just one day before the celebration, it read: 'Dear all, I am so sorry but this dinner is cancelled/postponed.  

'Scheduling conflicts unfortunately are prohibiting us from having this dinner at this time.

'We will keep you posted as to when it will be rescheduled for. Thank you for understanding, Lauren and Simon.'

La Famiglia restaurant in Chelsea.

Simon had a small celebration with close friends on his birthday when he was in America, Hopefully he can reschedule this for later in the year.


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